Another Woman

They say a mom has a harder time letting go of a son, rather than a daughter. I wouldn’t know, but I do have a mother in law who is still letting go of her only son.  One day I will be that mom since my boys are still very young, so I wasn’t prepared for this:

My boys have a new woman in their lives, that’s not me. They fight over her, literally to tears. They fight over who gets to play with her, sleep with her, she’s who they ask for first thing in the morning, and search for at night.

Am I jealous? No, she is really nothing special… okay maybe her accent, and beautiful eyes.

I am thinking of videotaping one of their blow out fights of who gets to have her, and play it at one of my son’s weddings or something…’cause I’m cruel like that.


  1. Man you had me going their…lol Yep I am moving to the burbs and I will fo sure have some funny ass crap to share with you
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