I Can’t “MOM” Without Them

Before any “aiming to be sane” mom leaves the house with her child(ren), her brain begins to buzz; “what do I need?” “What do they need?” “What if…?”  This conversation I have with myself is a far, far cry from the conversation my mother must have had with herself when my sister and I were young. It amazes me that she was able to survive the “mom of toddlers” period without the things I now refuse live without.

1. iPad – for the love of God and the late Steve Jobs I had to put this first. This sucker has bought endless hours of “extra” time from weddings, dinners, shopping, flying, driving, and waiting anywhere, and so on. It has a special place in my purse where I once used to keep a makeup bag – ‘cause who really needs that anymore.

2. Car Potty – I can only imagine hearing the words “I have to pee” in the middle of nowhere, or even worse at the most disgusting place you could ever be.  I choose the car potty over public washrooms because I clean it, only my kid uses it, and I don’t have to go on a man hunt for it.

3. In Car Entertainment System – much like the iPad it affords extra time, as well as no whining, no complaining, no fighting between the two, and silence…. and silence is priceless.

4. Double Stroller – Would you go out with two wild animals, not on leashes, loud as hell, in a public place, to run one errand? Neither would I.

5. Priority Parking for parents with kids – I could only imagine after driving to the market making three stops at dive coffee shop washrooms for drips of pee to come out (no car potty), the endless whining and complaining going on (no car TV), to de-cage these wild animals (no double/triple stroller), to wait in a line to pay (no iPad), and the cherry on top to be you have to park miles away from the entrance and control these animals from parking lot speeders.

Three cheers for our mom’s who had to “rough it”. What can’t you “mom” without?



  1. I never ever leave the house without the Ipad I do not give a carp homw many times I have heard people say you should e interacting with your kid… You know what FU I have not been able to not rush through a meal in the last 12 months without it….
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  2. We take our Nintendo DS’s with us whenever we go out. They fight over the iPad and it’s not wort the headache, so they each need their own hand-held gadget….and buying another iPad is not an option. My kids are a little older (4 & 7), so just wait……

  3. A girl after my own heart – I love gadgets of convenience and sanity.

  4. My wife?!?

  5. My kiddo is 12 so I’m way past the days of “keeping her entertained”, right? WRONG! So damn wrong! I used to be the mom with raised eyebrows at “those” moms who used electronics to keep a sane mind. Not anymore. Forgot your book honey? Here’s my Kindle with some books I know you will love preloaded. Oh, my Kindle isn’t in my purse? Here’s my Kindle Fire! I also keep a spare book, pens, a pad of paper, a deck of cards, and goodness knows what else in my purse. I also have Z bars. Organic snack bars full of yummy goodness that keep my 12 year old and my friends three kiddos (13, 11, and 10) happy as well. The kids refer to my purse as Mary Poppins’ purse and may the Goddess help us all if I have not restocked it! Once we went to a track meet without restocking my purse. Never. Again. Ever.

    All hail keeping the kids entertained!!!
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  6. for me it was , food ,drink and something for them to do.

    nice blog, followed :)
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