Mommy Fail #7

 A new friend for our club folks! Let’s call her the “Diaper Mom”, since her name is still a mystery. This Minneapolis based mom and her boyfriend shaved the head of her 12 year old daughter for doing poorly in school. Pretty extreme huh? But this is not how she earned the name “Diaper Mom”. She, and her boyfriend, then decided to place a Depends diaper on her daughter and force her to run up and down outside their home, while they locked her out making her beg loudly to be let back in.

Neighbours called the police only after around 50 people (yes , you read that right 50 people) stood outside watching her run, cry, and beg, wearing a tank top and the adult diaper. She was crying and hysterical, and neighbours said she had been outside for 30 minutes. When the police arrived they took Diaper Mom and her boyfriend away as they laughed hysterically at the situation, thinking it was ridiculous for police to intervene since they did nothing wrong as this was their parenting decision to punish her child with what they called “diaper duty”. They explained that they had warned her if she continued to do poorly in school and not complete homework she would have to shave her head, put on a diaper, and clean up trash in front of everyone in their neighbourhood as a form of public humiliation.

Diaper Mom and her boyfriend are being held in a county jail, while the girl and three other children who were in their care, are now in foster care.

Come on parents, does public humiliation work? We have some recent inductees into the Not Winning Mom of the Year Club who believe this to be true, you can read about them here and here.  And if a little humiliation is acceptable to teach a lesson, where do you draw the line? What does that do to your child, other than rack up enormous therapy bills later in life?

Diaper Mom when you leave the county jail, come join us over here. We have spot with your real name on it in the Not Winning Mom of the Year Club.  Welcome, welcome, welcome.


  1. It’s one thing to have your child hold a sign in front of the store they stole from saying “I stole from this store”, but what this woman and her boyfriend did something that went far beyond that. There are other ways to get your child to do better in school. Wow. I’m glad they were arrested. What a horrific thing for that child to go through. :(
    Susan F recently posted..Our HouseMy Profile

    • I see some serious therapy coming her way, I mean is this was their punsihment for poor grades, I can only imagine what happens when there’s a messy room, or being late. Yikes.

  2. Holy crap. I totally get that embarrassing them is a great way to teach them a lesson, but this broad takes it to a whole new extreme. I have an outstanding threat with all of my kids that I will stand outside and greet the bus in a clown costume if they piss me off. I’ll do it, too.
    robin recently posted..You Knew it Would Happen EventuallyMy Profile

  3. I have threatened my boys that if they didn’t start putting their clothes in the dirty clothes hamper that they were going to have to wear their underwear and that’s it up and down our long driveway (that covers my in-laws houses) and can be seen from the road. Luckily, I haven’t had to do this to them because they didn’t like the “idea” of having to do that. Of course, knowing my four year old, he would have done it with a huge smile on his face. Whereas, my eight year old would have been beat red in the face and covering himself up. (He was the main one not putting his clothes where they belonged.)

    Honestly, I’m glad I didn’t have to go through on the threat. (I would have had to do it at night because I couldn’t have standed seeing them truly shamed like that.) :)
    Crystal Green recently posted..Cowgirls–n-Angels-Movie ReviewMy Profile

  4. I’m all for disciplining your children and carrying through on your promises, but this brings shame to a whole new level. That was a parenting fail for sure.
    Terra Heck recently posted..Random Tuesday Thoughts – Dancin’ In The RainMy Profile

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