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Ahhh yes, just when you thought you were rid of Not Winning Mom of the Year from your inbox, KA-CHOW I’m back! We took a “little” eleven day getaway tour which looked good on paper but soon turned out to be a hard lesson to never be repeated.

Award Winning Dad had a conference in The Windy City, so we decided to make it a family affair and all flew down for the four days. Then we flew into Toronto to meet up with some good friends of ours that we made in Hong Kong when we stayed there. Lastly the end of the week was devoted to wedding madness, a cousin of his was getting married. Note: if you have never been to an Indian wedding it’s usually a five day affair. Something to try once, ONCE, I tell you, trust me on this one.



The Good:

We survived eleven days in five hotels, and surprisingly came home with everything we left with

Deep dish pizza with butter crust…need I say more?

We got upgraded to a stadium view room at our hotel attached the Rogers Centre in Toronto to see a football game. I couldn’t tell you one thing about the game, but man was it cool!

Enjoyed a beautiful wedding and reception

Visited and caught up with our friends.

The Bad:

Our flight to Chicago was cancelled 45 minutes before departure, and rescheduled for the next morning.

Air Canada, tsk, tsk… that’s all I have to say about that

Lil’J got sick in Chicago, coughing, runny nose, fever and all, yippee!

Kids were starting to get a little crazy toward the end of the trip, loudly begging to “go home” in front of everyone.

The Ugly:

Lil’J vomited on our flight into Toronto, I watched Award Winning Dad pick up curds of vomit off Lil’J, himself, and seat 23A as we landed.

Some of the hotel rooms we stayed in were disgustination, seriously I have to write a post on this alone.

The laundry pile I returned home to tackle put even my washer and dryer into a deep depression.


  1. “Disgustination” — is that it’s own destination?! Love it. Or I mean, hate it. ugh!
    Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom recently posted..Happy Doodles Custom Stuffed Animals – Review and Giveaway!My Profile

  2. I gosh I do love traveling with the kids don’t you???? so not…..Got to give it to you rock! Preggo and jetting around with two other little ones. All our vacations this year except for the hell one we took to North Carolina earlier this year will be local…I am good for planes until next year. Thank God we are only 45 minutes away from the awesome wine country. Wine and cheese anyone..
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  3. Bwahaha – you guys are nuts. My oldest son barfed on the plane about 5 minutes into a 2.5 hour flight from Orlando to Providence two years ago. Ya, that smelled pretty awesome.

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