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buttonsI sure as hell know I am going to get some hate comments for this post, but whateves. I am the minority in this house with my lady bits.  Since Award Winning Dad and his three boys share the same “man parts”, the question I have now is, should I make an effort to cover up the bits that make me so clearly different from the boys?

Our bedroom is more like a play/ bathroom; we have a basket of toys on the floor, children’s books on the night stand, a change mat on our floor, a basket of pull ups beside that, kids toothbrushes and tooth pastes in our bathroom, and lets’ not forget the 5384 dinosaurs in our shower (where the kids shower too).  So naturally they see me dressing and changing and it’s never been an issue. Often I will hop in the shower and take one or both of the boys in who needs a shower also. We’ll shampoo, condition, scrub down, and then they play. They’ve never looked or asked?

So when we brought The Boss Man home from the hospital and I started breastfeeding him, I didn’t think to hide what I was doing, or cover up the exposed “feeding tools” from the boys.  And then Big T asked Award Winning Dad: “Is momma feeding the baby from her buttons?”  Ummmmmmm, Award Winning Dad confirmed that yes, I was feeding the baby from my buttons, and we left it at that.

Here is where I would love that super power that would allow me to read minds. Does he know we’re different? Does he think he can feed Boss Man with his buttons? Does he know more about “buttons” than I think? And since we’re in the “asking questions” mode, are my milk engorged breasts still being referred to as buttons;  flashbacks from my size –A bra that I wore from high school up until the year before I got married, and all the trauma that goes with that for a teenage girl.

I am not sure what to do here, if anything, though if those are my buttons I can’t wait to hear what the “man parts” are called.



  1. I’m right there with ya sista…living in a house where I’m the only one with lady bits. I never covered up when nursing DS2. But now that DS1 is almost 7, I’m trying to be more “private” about my lady parts. ie I shower after the huz and troops have gone downstairs for breakfast. And I sleep in PJs now (much sadness from DH on this one).

    *clickin in from MamaKat*
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  2. since in this house it is the reversed and my little one being almost 3 it just has not come up. My hubby now covers up more and wears a robe around the little GG so no more wandering around the house naked and shaking his man parts at the window…Yes my husband used to do this …keep in mind we live on a cliff so really no one can see but it was still wrong.
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  3. I think we think they know/understand waay more than they really do. I recently got out of the shower and was getting dressed when my 9-year-old barged in. “What’s that?” he asked looking at me. As I was putting on my bra, I assumed that’s what he wanted to know about, so I launched into my teaching moment about support garments. “NO” he told me, “THAT!” and he was pointing to the shower cap I still had on my head.
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  4. “Buttons” – clever boy! I’m impressed! I don’t think you really have to do anything. These things have a way of just working themselves out. C’est la vie.

    Katy’s story above about the shower cap is pretty funny, too. LOL. :-)

  5. I guess I’m still trying to figure out why you’d get rude comments??? I think you’ll be fine. Big T will ask the questions when he’s ready in my opinion. By the way, saw the picture of The Boss Man and he’s adorable!

    Mommy Bags, wow. That is just too awesome! I can’t stop giggling about your comment!
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    • I was thinking I would get some hate mail from other mom’s who thought it inappropriate for me to let my boys see me in the shower or changing. I hoping he will ask me “these” questions when he ready and that’ll just allow me to gloss over this whole button thing.

  6. Hey, I would take it as an opportunity to explain the difference between boys and girls. I also live in a house with 4 males, so I feel ya. I always feel like I need to hide my tampons and stuff, but then I always decide to leave them around and if someone asks, I’ll explain what they’re for.
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  7. oh man! wish I could help but I’m still wondering what’s the average age for kids to know the correct name and functions of body parts? There’s probably a kids version but my limited research online wasn’t great. I think that if they know the basic functions of the legs, arms, neck, etc it doesn’t mean they need to know the detailed functions of the private parts except they are private. I think it’s worth a conversation with kids but I leave that in your capable hands. Let me know what you “parent- professional judgement” leads to… *smiles*


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