Mom Tip: What To Wear Battle

Now I don’t know if it’s because I have boys or I’m just lucky but I’ve never had an issue of what my kids want to wear. We know people who have lovely little girls but they all share arguments of “my nylons don’t match my dress”, “ I wanted that color nail polish”, “I want to wear the pink one… everyday”  Maybe my turn is lurking around the corner, but until then I wanted to share how we do decide on what to wear and how it saves a ton of time in our already hectic mornings.

I randomly picked this up at an organizing store on clearance because the packaging it came in was ripped. I thought it would be cute for my son’s new room, little did I know I would use it religiously and purchase two more for each child after.



I try to do all three children’s laundry on one day..try. I fold their laundry (haphazardly and fast since I’m not trying to be the GAP), and create matches of top and bottoms for each day.


It’s been pretty awesome that both boys can grab whichever pile they want (I’m not so particular with the days) in the morning and come down dressed. It also helps on days when I cannot peel myself out of bed in time, and hubs has to get everyone moving. It has been pretty handy when we need a quick change of clothes, or when I have to pack for a weekend away.

I have one for each child, and for roughly $20 we use it every day, it saves time, and keeps me somewhat organized unless something breaks down in my laundry schedule where then the kids go to school in their pajamas. Kidding,  but never say never… I love, love, love having a closet organizer to not only keep me organized but the kids as well. Not to mention it keeps the clothes in the drawers neat, and the room quite tidy after they have gotten dressed!

I bought the other two closet organizers for my other boys here.


  1. You’re so good. See, I do laundry and just take our outfits from the clean pile instead of walking all the way upstairs to find something different to wear. We end up wearing the same outfits like 3 times a week….
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    • Well MM that is way more efficient than my closet organizer, holy! But I’m not gonna lie, we’ve gotten dressed from the dryer many times when things fall off the tracks. A mom’s gotta do what a moms gotta do, right?

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