On The Fly

I think 90% of the world adds “be more organized” as one of their 3947 resolutions each year, and yes I am one of them. As organized as I try to be I end up feeling like a dishevelled mess always two steps behind whatever is going on in my life. And then I resort to this:


Twelve ways to organize this, five ways to organize that, save ten minutes in the morning by doing this, complete a week’s worth of meals in thirty minutes by doing that…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  And let’s not forget the “neatness” of it all. A child’s room with perfectly folded clothes in each drawer, a laundry room that looks immaculate without one piece of actual laundry in it, and clean untouched kitchen with counter tops clear of everything except a bowl full of 20 lemons, that I’m unsure why anyone would need.

My organizing, and what I believe would be any moms organizing who doesn’t organize for a living, can be summed up with three words, on the fly. I try, it’s not magazine worthy, it works for me, and it some way it manages to keep me and my family organized. So, this year on the blog, I will be introducing a new series called Mom Tip Monday! Each Monday I will share little tips on what I do to keep my head above water and hopefully invite some friends to share their ideas also.

Stay tuned for realistic organizing tips, that Martha would scoff at and my organizing bloggy friends would choke on, but real moms can do.


  1. OH gawd I am one of those organized freaks…does that make me weird?!?
    Mommy Bags recently posted..yes today this crap made me LOL…..My Profile

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