Lessons Learned In 2014

Happy New Year 2015

So most folks have sent their 2014 lessons learned out already, but that prompt and “right on top of that” action will not be found here. Nonetheless, here are my lessons learned from last year 1. This blogging thing is hard. 2. The baby shop is closed, therefore not trying for the “the girl”. 3. I would rather have dinner with a murderer than at my house. 4. Preventative measures such as good dental hygiene and the flu shot have lost my faith. 5. My threshold for clean has hit an … [Read more...]

Ain’t Got Time For That!

no time

As we head into the “most wonderful time of the year”… whatever, I feel the knots in my already tense neck tighten, my teeth clench, and a few more gray hairs shine through. Christmas??? I ain’t got time for that! It’s bad enough I barely have time to do regular, human, day to day, normal, functioning member of society stuff much less drop the Christmas bomb; snow, decorating, family, gifts, travel, parties, dress up, my kids, other people’s kids, lunches, dinners …. on top of these 20 other … [Read more...]

A year ago…

2013-11-24 13.48.29

  A year ago we were on a family vacation in Hawaii. Oh how I miss this time, touring here, visiting there, no where to be, no one to see, eat whatever, do whatever... not a thought of "life at home." It doesn't take much to let your mind escape home when you're there and I found myself  having thoughts like " I wonder how much a house would cost here?" or "The kids would love school here!" I can dream right? We toured around quite a bit, enjoying all the sites and beaches, trying new … [Read more...]

Scary Mommy


Normally Halloween doesn’t mean a whole lot around here. My sister usually takes charge of what the boys are wearing, where they will be trick and treating, and sorting out the loot … she’s into this stuff. This year our new school has somehow managed to lasso me into all this Halloween hype, and has somewhat turned me into a scary mommy. This year Lil’J and the Boss Man have to wear “real costumes” not fantasy characters.  So, instead of a Ninja Turtle you can be a turtle, or instead of the … [Read more...]

Are You Gonna Go For A Girl?


Oh, if I had a nickel for every time someone asked me that! I would love another child, but realistically my hands are quite full. Could I handle another boy, yes I think I could but handle is all it would be. Could I handle girl? NO! I can feel the hate of mothers of daughters closing in on me, but let me explain. I have three boys. I feel like I know and understand boys. I would consider myself somewhat of an expert at “boys”. If I had a girl I would find myself starting from scratch, … [Read more...]



THINKING:  I should start cleaning up the house, but not wanting to LOVING: This long Thanksgiving weekend with slow unrushed mornings, and relaxing days ENJOYING: A long weekend with my boys, watching movies and cuddling EATING: Way too many desserts, pie and cookies all weekend long WATCHING:  Dexter season six with Hubs, and How To Train Your Dragon Two with boys WANTING: More time, the days are passing far too quickly NEEDING: Warm weather FEELING: Achy from a cold that … [Read more...]

Winning Conversations

DSC_0304 (2)

It was always cute when the boys would use their first words. Big T would say “blooding” instead of bleeding. Lil’J would say “upa” to be carried, and The Boss Man uses “chibbar” to denote a robot? All in all cute, but the conversations we have, now that the older boys can talk, are even funnier. Here are some winning conversations we’ve had recently. Lil J: “ Daddy, if I rub a banana and water together will it make fire?”   Big T: “Momma, writing a cursive ‘p’ is like having a … [Read more...]

Head Lice And Other Reasons To Homeschool


Yup, our fifth day into school and I receive “A student in your child’s class has head lice.” This notice proceeds to explain the proper identification of lice and nits, provide actual and enlarged photos of what these look like, and how to remove and debug your child’s head… oh yeah and DON’T BRING YOUR KID TO SCHOOL.  Its one thing that the Boss Man has only had four days of school, and half day’s at that and already has a runny nose. Another that I am already mentally prepared for regular … [Read more...]

My Current Resume


Not Winning Mom of the Year CONTACT  Find me anywhere you hear or see children   HISTORY 2006 Married Award Winning Dad 2008 Welcomed Big T 2010 Welcomed Lil’J 2012 Welcomed The Boss Man     EDUCATION  University of Real Life BA, Birthing Another MA, Mothering Another PHD, Praying Hard Daily   CURRENT ROLE Chief Household Officer (CHO), managing the family income and expenses, house cleaning, meals, rules, family vacations, birthday … [Read more...]

Why I Know I Cannot Have A Fourth Child…


Hello? Are you there God? It’s me, Not Winning Mom of the Year. I think I just dated myself with the likes of Judy Blume.  Yes, I am alive.  I fell off the earth for a bit there, but so much was going on in the last five months I just assumed my next post would have been my obituary. I really felt like I neglected a child putting writing on hold. Not so much the friends I’ve made who continue to keep in touch with all the time suck social media outlets… Twitter, Instagram, etc... but not … [Read more...]