THINKING:  I should start cleaning up the house, but not wanting to LOVING: This long Thanksgiving weekend with slow unrushed mornings, and relaxing days ENJOYING: A long weekend with my boys, watching movies and cuddling EATING: Way too many desserts, pie and cookies all weekend long WATCHING:  Dexter season six with Hubs, and How To Train Your Dragon Two with boys WANTING: More time, the days are passing far too quickly NEEDING: Warm weather FEELING: Achy from a cold that … [Read more...]

Winning Conversations

DSC_0304 (2)

It was always cute when the boys would use their first words. Big T would say “blooding” instead of bleeding. Lil’J would say “upa” to be carried, and The Boss Man uses “chibbar” to denote a robot? All in all cute, but the conversations we have, now that the older boys can talk, are even funnier. Here are some winning conversations we’ve had recently. Lil J: “ Daddy, if I rub a banana and water together will it make fire?”   Big T: “Momma, writing a cursive ‘p’ is like having a … [Read more...]

Head Lice And Other Reasons To Homeschool


Yup, our fifth day into school and I receive “A student in your child’s class has head lice.” This notice proceeds to explain the proper identification of lice and nits, provide actual and enlarged photos of what these look like, and how to remove and debug your child’s head… oh yeah and DON’T BRING YOUR KID TO SCHOOL.  Its one thing that the Boss Man has only had four days of school, and half day’s at that and already has a runny nose. Another that I am already mentally prepared for regular … [Read more...]

My Current Resume


Not Winning Mom of the Year CONTACT  Find me anywhere you hear or see children   HISTORY 2006 Married Award Winning Dad 2008 Welcomed Big T 2010 Welcomed Lil’J 2012 Welcomed The Boss Man     EDUCATION  University of Real Life BA, Birthing Another MA, Mothering Another PHD, Praying Hard Daily   CURRENT ROLE Chief Household Officer (CHO), managing the family income and expenses, house cleaning, meals, rules, family vacations, birthday … [Read more...]

Why I Know I Cannot Have A Fourth Child…


Hello? Are you there God? It’s me, Not Winning Mom of the Year. I think I just dated myself with the likes of Judy Blume.  Yes, I am alive.  I fell off the earth for a bit there, but so much was going on in the last five months I just assumed my next post would have been my obituary. I really felt like I neglected a child putting writing on hold. Not so much the friends I’ve made who continue to keep in touch with all the time suck social media outlets… Twitter, Instagram, etc... but not … [Read more...]

My Top Diet Tips


I’ve been losing weight since Christmas. What’s the big deal you ask? Well, I’m already quick petite, it isn’t intentional, and parts of me are starting to look strange. Now don’t get me wrong I’m happy that my baby weight is gone and the few pounds after that, but there’s something not right if my weight is getting closer to that of my five your old. So, how did I do it you ask? Well let me share my Top 7 tips to losing your preggo weight and then some. 1. Have three kids all under the … [Read more...]

I Ordered Pizza… Again


I ordered pizza for dinner, again. Yes, I say again because it’s been a weekly “event” for the last couple of months as Award Winning Dad has been travelling a lot, the kids are taking up warmer weather activities, I’ve taken on some additional things on the side, and the Boss Man is being just that, a Boss. Today however was a different delivery. When the doorbell rang this afternoon, the kids peered out of the front window and started jumping for joy. My initial thought was that Daddy was … [Read more...]

A Viking Toothless


If you've seen the movie How To Train Your Dragon a Viking Toothless will make sense. If you haven’t, then you’re probably hearing what I'm hearing. This is highly inappropriate, I know….but so am I. The video quality is poor, but I had to grab my phone and make sure I didn't miss this!   … [Read more...]

Parenting Book Recommedations


I have developed quite an addiction to parenting books. How do I have the time? I use audio books, but even with the 10,000 plus books to choose from in every genre you can imagine, I still find myself scanning the parenting book section again and again, looking for something, anything that will help guide me as a “parent” and have it appear these children are raised by nuns or the military, either is fine with me. On that note, here are my top three recommendations for parenting books, so … [Read more...]

The Day Technology Almost Killed Me

technology overload

Today I had to be somewhere with the boys early, all dressed up. Award Winning Dad having to work meant solo mission; we start a little earlier and go a bit slower. In order for me to get dressed I plopped the two older boys in front of the TV, and brought The Boss Man upstairs with me where he proceeded to take fifty seven nail polish bottles out of a neatly packed container and scatter them all over the bathroom floor. Oh the prices we pay… The TV was a wonderful babysitter until I turned … [Read more...]