Taking My Son To A Public Bathroom In 34 Easy Steps


You know how much I loathe public bathrooms, and that’s just using them myself.  Add to this taking one of my kids to a public bathroom and things become very complicated. Therefore a set routine outlined below allows them to leave the house without fear of having to number one or two... okay a little fear but that’s mostly from me.   Sigh Ask “how badly do you need to go?” Sigh again when the response is always “so badly it’s gonna come out!” Remove all excess clothing, hat, … [Read more...]

Vacation Hangover


  I’m suffering from a vacation hangover. You know the kind. All the frenzy of getting ready for vacation; rushing around, packing, and tying up all the loose ends before we leave. When we finally met our destination I fell into the usual lazy vacation coma where that constant buzzing in my ear of “what’s next?, what’s next?, what’s next?” disappears. Even my small addictions are forgotten on vacation, adhering to the schedule, my phone, who’s brushed their teeth this morning.  I fell … [Read more...]

Couple Time For Couples With No Time


A year ago Award Winning Dad and I agreed to have one date night a month. To some it may seem like not enough, to others an “impossibility”. The goal was to try, and we did. January was cancelled because the kids were sick. February we went out twice (yippeeee!!!) to make up for the missed night in January, and come March our goal fell of the rails. Standing ovation to parents who make date night work, for us we have to improvise and as such I have some suggestions for you. Netflix: We can’t … [Read more...]

30 Things My Two Year Old Can Get Away With In Public


Pee his pants Pooping in his pants Smelling like poop and that’s okay Say he pooped to everyone in the room and everyone thinks he’s cute for doing so Wiping his nose with his sleeve Wiping his nose on my sleeve Falling asleep Pointing Pointing and laughing Undressing Crawling on the floor Crawling on the table Grabbing Poking Confidently walking around with marker, snot, food, etc. on his face Screaming Whispering Spitting out food he doesn’t like Announcing … [Read more...]

My Most Used Parenting Threats


If you don’t finish your dinner right now you’re going straight to bed. We both know I don’t have the heart to do this. I mean there have been times when the boys are too sleepy or sick to eat dinner, but to send them to bed hungry only to have them wake up in the middle of the night, stomp into our room, hover over us in our sleep to remind us of how hungry he is, oh hell no! On the other hand, with the picky eaters we have threatening them with bed in place of dinner would be an absolute … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned In 2014

Happy New Year 2015

So most folks have sent their 2014 lessons learned out already, but that prompt and “right on top of that” action will not be found here. Nonetheless, here are my lessons learned from last year 1. This blogging thing is hard. 2. The baby shop is closed, therefore not trying for the “the girl”. 3. I would rather have dinner with a murderer than at my house. 4. Preventative measures such as good dental hygiene and the flu shot have lost my faith. 5. My threshold for clean has hit an … [Read more...]

Ain’t Got Time For That!

no time

As we head into the “most wonderful time of the year”… whatever, I feel the knots in my already tense neck tighten, my teeth clench, and a few more gray hairs shine through. Christmas??? I ain’t got time for that! It’s bad enough I barely have time to do regular, human, day to day, normal, functioning member of society stuff much less drop the Christmas bomb; snow, decorating, family, gifts, travel, parties, dress up, my kids, other people’s kids, lunches, dinners …. on top of these 20 other … [Read more...]

A year ago…

2013-11-24 13.48.29

  A year ago we were on a family vacation in Hawaii. Oh how I miss this time, touring here, visiting there, no where to be, no one to see, eat whatever, do whatever... not a thought of "life at home." It doesn't take much to let your mind escape home when you're there and I found myself  having thoughts like " I wonder how much a house would cost here?" or "The kids would love school here!" I can dream right? We toured around quite a bit, enjoying all the sites and beaches, trying new … [Read more...]

Scary Mommy


Normally Halloween doesn’t mean a whole lot around here. My sister usually takes charge of what the boys are wearing, where they will be trick and treating, and sorting out the loot … she’s into this stuff. This year our new school has somehow managed to lasso me into all this Halloween hype, and has somewhat turned me into a scary mommy. This year Lil’J and the Boss Man have to wear “real costumes” not fantasy characters.  So, instead of a Ninja Turtle you can be a turtle, or instead of the … [Read more...]

Are You Gonna Go For A Girl?


Oh, if I had a nickel for every time someone asked me that! I would love another child, but realistically my hands are quite full. Could I handle another boy, yes I think I could but handle is all it would be. Could I handle girl? NO! I can feel the hate of mothers of daughters closing in on me, but let me explain. I have three boys. I feel like I know and understand boys. I would consider myself somewhat of an expert at “boys”. If I had a girl I would find myself starting from scratch, … [Read more...]