My Top Diet Tips


I’ve been losing weight since Christmas. What’s the big deal you ask? Well, I’m already quick petite, it isn’t intentional, and parts of me are starting to look strange. Now don’t get me wrong I’m happy that my baby weight is gone and the few pounds after that, but there’s something not right if my weight is getting closer to that of my five your old. So, how did I do it you ask? Well let me share my Top 7 tips to losing your preggo weight and then some. 1. Have three kids all under the … [Read more...]

I Ordered Pizza… Again


I ordered pizza for dinner, again. Yes, I say again because it’s been a weekly “event” for the last couple of months as Award Winning Dad has been travelling a lot, the kids are taking up warmer weather activities, I’ve taken on some additional things on the side, and the Boss Man is being just that, a Boss. Today however was a different delivery. When the doorbell rang this afternoon, the kids peered out of the front window and started jumping for joy. My initial thought was that Daddy was … [Read more...]

A Viking Toothless


If you've seen the movie How To Train Your Dragon a Viking Toothless will make sense. If you haven’t, then you’re probably hearing what I'm hearing. This is highly inappropriate, I know….but so am I. The video quality is poor, but I had to grab my phone and make sure I didn't miss this!   … [Read more...]

Parenting Book Recommedations


I have developed quite an addiction to parenting books. How do I have the time? I use audio books, but even with the 10,000 plus books to choose from in every genre you can imagine, I still find myself scanning the parenting book section again and again, looking for something, anything that will help guide me as a “parent” and have it appear these children are raised by nuns or the military, either is fine with me. On that note, here are my top three recommendations for parenting books, so … [Read more...]

The Day Technology Almost Killed Me

technology overload

Today I had to be somewhere with the boys early, all dressed up. Award Winning Dad having to work meant solo mission; we start a little earlier and go a bit slower. In order for me to get dressed I plopped the two older boys in front of the TV, and brought The Boss Man upstairs with me where he proceeded to take fifty seven nail polish bottles out of a neatly packed container and scatter them all over the bathroom floor. Oh the prices we pay… The TV was a wonderful babysitter until I turned … [Read more...]

They Surprise Me


To break up the summer and, let’s be honest, to give myself a break I sprinkled summer day camps here and there for Big T and Lil’J. Because they are so close in age they can often attend things together; fun for them, easy for me. This particular day camp was new and across the city, so I decided to leave earlier to allow for the morning traffic drive, and let the “new-ness” sink in for the boys. I was especially worried about Lil’J. I mean he was younger, and although he was with his older … [Read more...]

The Incredibles?


Here is a pic from the Boss Man's first birthday party. I'm quite late in posting it, but that's to be expected. With a superhero theme, I had wanted us to dress up like the Incredibles. There were five of them, five of us, and a baby... yeah? Right? Good idea? Well it was a hard no from all of my boys! Everyone wanted to do wear their own costume...blah, blah, blah. After looking at the pictures from the party, I think we did okay. Batman, Bat-Mom, Super Dad, Spiderman, and a Teenage Mutant … [Read more...]



I’ve been looking forward to Friday all week. No, it’s not my birthday. It isn’t date night. There are no vacation plans, and certainly not a day off. The handy guy is coming. Yep! He’s going to once again tackle our ongoing list of break it’s, fix it’s, put it together’s, move it’s, get rid of it’s. As I checked the calendar today, I was thinking ‘two more days, two more days’, and then I thought “how pathetic have you become to count down the days to the handy man’s arrival, like the kids … [Read more...]

My Happy List


The last couple posts on the blog have been depressing partly because of this mystery sickness that has permanently moved into my house, the Antarctica-esk weather that won’t go away, and this constant game of catch up I’m stuck in. I thought I would create a list of things that will make me happy partly because I need the reminder , as well so you don’t think I’ve turned into “The Grinch of Life” as stolen from my cousin who coined the term to describe someone else (or maybe me, who … [Read more...]

Mom Tip: 5 Must Haves For Air Travel With Kids


My kids have proven themselves as great air travellers. I sometimes find flying with them more manageable than a quick visit to the grocery store. Since our most recent trip away involved eight flights over a sixteen day span, I feel quite “qualified” to list my top five must haves for air travel with kids. 1. Potty Seat Covers - I have a severe phobia of public washrooms. Having to go to the bathroom on while on vacation elicits my usual anxiety, but having to take the kids to a public … [Read more...]